Lianne Wyatt

This year, our family has had the privilege of becoming involved with EquineAbility and the experience has been transformative.  We were drawn in by the opportunity to work with horses with the hope of one day having some of our own.  The idea of our four children learning how to ride was little more than a wish for the distant future.  But then we met Angie and came to realize that at EquineAbility, anything is possible.
This incredible program recognizes the abilities in everyone, despite any physical, mental or developmental challenges they may face.  Evidently the horse, with its many therapeutic benefits, is a great equalizer.
If you’ve never watched a child ride a horse, it’s pretty amazing!  They sit up taller and take in their world from a majestic new vantage point.  My son shared that it made him “feel like a knight – the K-N-I-G-H-T kind!”  Adults, too, confess a child-like joy when they’re in the saddle.   More than just an empowering feeling, riding a horse seems to connect soul-deep with most people, making tension visibly dissipate from muscles as the horse’s relaxed gait lulls the rider into a state of bliss – and, occasionally, sleep! 
Beyond the physical benefits, our involvement with EquineAbility has helped our children develop compassion, a deeper understanding and appreciation of people who have disabilities and all that they are able to do in spite of them. 
We have been most fortunate to have had our lives enriched so meaningfully through EquineAbility and we look forward to an exciting future for this most worthwhile program!




My daughter is 4 years old with a diagnosis of spastic diplegic cerebral palsy. This is a permanent disability resulting in significant gross motor delays. She wears braces on both her legs, can only walk short distances without her walker or forearm crutches. If we go out long distances she has to use a wheelchair.
We have struggled with finding the perfect sport for her, our other children are active in sports like soccer, hockey and cheer-leading. We wanted to find something that she was capable of doing but would challenge her.
Therapeutic riding is a perfect fit for her. It benefits her both physically and emotionally. When she is riding she is almost unaffected by her physical impairments. Physically therapeutic riding has helped her to developed improved core strength and control. This is important because it helps to improve her walking. She has developed a deep respect and love of horses. She seems to have a connection to the pony she rides. People say she talks more when she is on the horse than at other times.
Most of all we love the smile on her face as soon as she arrives at the barn. Her excitement carries through until the next week when she rides again.




Shortly after our arrival at Equine Ability, both my son and I felt right at home. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the farm is just a comfortable place to be.
Angie is a skilled instructor who quickly develops a solid rapport with her students while paying attention to specific goals and details for each individual. lessons are carried out by Angie and her staff in a friendly, supportive and respectful manner.
Although my son has received many benefits from participating in the therapeutic riding program, the best aspect had been to see an increase in his confidence and self esteem. seeing a huge smile on my son's face is wonderful; knowing that it comes from a sense of pride and accomplishment in himself is priceless.