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Cowboy is our paint-pony gelding.  He has competed in local competitions and was also used for 4H.  He thinks he is the biggest horse in the herd.


Zeus is a percheron gelding owned by EquineAbility.  He is a big boy but has a very gentle and sweet disposition.


Brisco is a thoroughbred gelding, born in 1994.   He has been a lesson horse for many years and recently started in the therapeutic riding program with some of our more independent riders.  He is very tall.


Corky is our spotted miniature donkey.  He started in our program in the Spring of 2011 as our grooming donkey.  He is tiny, patient, and perfect for riders, big and small, to work on their grooming skills.


Tucker is our 8 year old fjord gelding.  New to the program in the fall 2015 Tucker has excelled with our riders.  Tucker also trained to pull a cart which is a program we are looking to create in the future.


Tinkerbell is a 6 year old fjord mare.  She is new to the program in 2016.  She loves being the only girl in the herd. She also loves attention and to be pet.


Coal is a new addition to our program.  He is a 7 year old Percheron/ Canadian cross.  He is currently in training to start program Spring 2020

In Memory of:

Charlie - Passed October 2019

Charlie is a Percheron cross gelding.  He has been a therapy horse most of his life.  He is best described as the big, comfy couch.