postheadericon Farm Friends


Percy the goat and Shmoo the sheep enjoy playing the day together.


Rosie our pot belly pig lives with Percy and Shmoo. She loves chin scratches.

Cranky and Bella

Cranky and Bella are both owned by Angie and will happily greet you when you come to the farm.

Funny Bunny and Thumper

When visiting the farm don't forget to come and pet our bunnies. They are still very young but have gotten very big.

Lola And Yoda

Our abyssinian (long and curly) haired guinea pigs love to play together and squeak when they are happy. Don't forget to come say hello to them!

Chickens and Ducks

Some of our other farm friends are Silkie chickens and Muscovy Ducks.

Visit our Horses!